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Trench Coat 2 Ways

Trench Coat 2 Ways



A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. - Coco Chanel

For me, classy and fabulous perfectly described my favorite item right now - trench coat.

A classic trench Coat is the best spring outwear for both professional look and casual look.

I came up with two styles featuring this new trench coat from Theory outlet store.

It cost me $300 even after discount. 

A little expensive, but if I can only buy one piece of cloth this year, I would buy this trench coat.

If you are interested in purchasing one, here are a few trench coats I selected from different prices. 


Look No.1

For the first look, I went for a professional approach.

This is what I would wear to the office on a sunny spring day.

I believe every workwear looks good with a trench coat, especially when wearing all black.

I chose a faux leather jogger pants for an edgier look and my trusted Chelsea boots as usual.

A striped sweater topped with a French beret always look chic.

Talking about rock the Parisian vibe.

Grab my work bag and I'm ready to hit the coffee shop before work.


Look No.2

The second look here is perfect for the weekend.

I basically live in blue jeans so I went for them again.

I chose this Levi's t-shirt because red is the best color when feeling vibrant.

To match the top, I put on my old red flats from Asos that cost me $10 and still going strong after 2 years.

For a luxury touch, I took my new Chloe Nile Bag out for a spin.

The bluish-green color creates a contrast between the nude and the red.

The last but not least, do not leave the house without a pair of cat-eye.



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Tell me which look you like the most!

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