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Designer Handbag Wishlist #2

Designer Handbag Wishlist #2


Givenchy Antigona Bag


Before anything else, RIP Hubert de Givenchy who died last Saturday at his home outside Paris at age of 91. His dress on Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the definition of "little black dress". 

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The second bag on my wish list is Givenchy Antigona Bag.

I've been a fan of Givenchy for a long time especially the Antigona bag. Givenchy Antigona was created by designer Ricardo Tisci who took over the brand from Hubert de Givenchy in 2005. The bag was launched in 2010. It's an elegant bag with an architecture silhouette which gives it just the right amount masculine.  It comes in many textures, sizes, and colors.


The one I want is the classic glossy black leather version in size mini. The best way to style this bag is a simple all-black outfit to showcase the smart plus a little bit gothic vibes.    

Or style this bag with sports wear is also ultra chic.  

Or when you go all-out-sexy and need something to add a little bit edge to your look.

Which style would you pick with the Antigona bag?

Designer Handbag Wishlist

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