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Casual Weekender

Casual Weekender


A weekend outfit is all about comfort. No matter you are grocery shopping or having brunch with your girls, the last thing you want to worry about is walking in uncomfortable shoes or your shirt getting tight because of the food baby. Therefore, my weekend outfit normally consists of boxy t-shirts and sneakers.

I just received these stunning all-white FILA Disruptor 2 Premium Mono Sneakers and can’t wait to wear them. They fall right into the “ugly sneaker” trend with a reasonable price. A lot of designer brands came out with this kind of bulky sneakers with a price tag of over $600. And these babies only cost me $65 and it’s a really good price for such high-quality sneakers. 

To extend the all-white theme, I chose these off-white skinny jeans from Asos which are ON SALE right now and only cost $20. They are a little bit stretchy which makes them very comfortable. Especially when running around and eating a lot of food.  

The boxy Adidas Original t-shirt is actually my husband’s. Note this, the best place to find a boxy shirt or an oversized jacket is your man’s closet. Sometimes I buy him stuff just to borrow later. If you don’t have a reliable male wardrobe there is a female version of this t-shirt in a slightly different color. 

To complete this look with a luxury touch, I chose my Chloe Nile Bag which is the exact same color of the Adidas logo. Nothing makes me happier than perfect color coordination.       

There you have it, my simple and easy-to-wear weekender look. What’s your favorite outfit for weekends?  



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