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Fashion blogger's reality - 6 struggles I'm dealing with

Fashion blogger's reality - 6 struggles I'm dealing with


What Is Really Like To Be A Fashion Blogger

I've been blogging for almost four months now, I had a taste of what's really like to be a fashion blogger. There's glamour and there's struggle. I've shared a lot of the glamour here - when I look sane and put together. I think it's time to share some of my daily struggles as a beginner blogger. Stay tuned for some embarrassing behind-the-scene photos.

Fashion Blogger's Reality

1. Come Up With A Reasonable Pose

In a photo, you want to look effortless and cool, not too happy and not too unhappy. I haven't mastered the art of posing yet. Sometimes I do a lot of weird poses just to test out my limit. Here is exhibit 1 - me trying to do an "enjoying the sunshine" pose. Exhibit 2 - me trying to do a "New York City street style" pose. And exhibit 3 - I didn't know what to do next so I just gave up. 

2. Piles And Piles Of Clothes

This is actually the reason for me to start my blog in the first place - you are so obsessed with buying clothes why don't you share with other people? Such a brilliant idea to experiment with my purchases. So I happily created cafecarrie.com. Then I thought, I'm a fashion blogger now, I have a legit cause to buy more clothes and I did. Now I'm a few months into blogging, the cloth piles started to get out of control. Some people may say this is a sweet burden, but living in a small apartment with the cloth piles is not sweet at all. I've decided to only buy new pieces with my blogging income - which leads to the struggle No3.

3. Blogging Income Is A Joke

I haven't bought anything since I decided only buy cloth with my blogging income. Because there is no income so far. Count all the ads and affiliates together I made $30 for 3 months. Of course, I didn't expect to profit a lot from my blog at the beginning and I'm happy to earn even $1. But $30 can't even cover my hosting cost and other tools. So I have to be shameless and ask: please feel free to click on any of the products you find interesting in this post! And shamelessly insert ad here.

Today's income - fashion blogger reality

Today's income - fashion blogger reality

4. The Photographer

Just like any other newbie bloggers, I don't have a professional photographer to work with. My photographer is also my dog walker, handyman, and massage therapist - my husband. The upside is I can easily communicate with my photographer about what kind of photo I want and I can always voice my concerns if I'm not satisfied with his work (by yelling I don't like this one). The downside is the lack of professionalism - I can find all kinds of selfies and weird street signs in between my blog photos. 

5. The Subscriber List Is A Joke

For the first two months, I  have 5 subscribers - my husband, my parents, myself and my dog. Yes, I applied an email for my golden to subscribe to my blog. Now, I have over 20 subscribers now - YAY! Such a victory and I get super excited to send out my new post emails. BUT, every time I only get 4 clicks - my husband, my parents and myself.

My dog can't really open his emails.

6. Uninvited Guest Stars

Here are some guest stars stealing all my thunder. Can't really do anything about them.

Jokes aside, being a blogger and publish contents regularly is not an easy task on top of everything else in life. My four months experience is actually full of fun and creativity. I also learned it's not all play and it takes a lot of effort and commitment. Comment below if you like this kind of not so serious behind-the-scene posts! If you're also a blogger tell me I'm not alone!

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