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My Sunglasses Collection

My Sunglasses Collection


6 Favorite Sunglasses

How many pairs of sunglasses do I own? To be honest, I have no idea - they are everywhere in my apartment. You probably can find an old pair in the dishwasher. But I keep my 6 favorite sunglasses close to my heart (for now) and they are one of the most essential parts of my outfits. I don't always have time to cover up my panda eyes so they also act as a part of my makeup. Most of my sunglasses are from high-street brands. I don't really purchase luxury sunglasses because I always lose them.

#1 Ray-ban Mirrored Round Metal Sunglasses, Gold/Pink

This pair is the most expensive sunglasses I own. It's a classic round shape but I fell in love with this beautiful pink - gold color. This is also my most worn pair - if you follow me on Instagram you would know.

#2 Monki round sunglasses in black

This pair is a great dupe of Ray-ban round sunglasses. They are pretty much the same shape. If you don't want to spend 200 bucks on sunglasses then these are a solid choice. The delicate gold details make it look much more expensive than it is.

#3 Le Specs Outta Love Sunglasses

This is the newest purchase of mine - I haven't even posted them on my Instagram yet. I'm obsessed with this oval frame and the vintage vibe it brings. Le Specs has a gorgeous collection of sunglasses and I definitely going to purchase more styles from them.

#4 ASOS DESIGN Small Cat Eye Fashion Glasses

This unique sunglasses shape is everywhere for the past few months. I wasn't sure about it but it turns out to be an absolutely edgy accessory -except it doesn't help with the sun at all. I'm happy as long as it looks good.

#5 ASOS DESIGN Small Cat Eye Fashion Glasses In Clear

I know these look ridiculous and can't even be called sunglasses. But I somehow really enjoy them. It's perfect for rainy days when you want to wear something on your face but it's too dark outside.

#6 Zara Cat-Eye Sunglasses

The cat-eye shape is also the most popular right now, especially with bright colors. I got this pair from Zara a while ago because I don't think the red and white framed ones would suit me. It's a shame that these are not available anymore. I did find a pair similar to these for you to check out.

Hope you enjoyed my sunglasses collection and found some inspirations for your own collection. Check out more of this look on IGTV.

Please let me know which pair is your favorite sunglasses style! 

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