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Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Idea - Billy The Puppet Two Ways

Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Idea - Billy The Puppet Two Ways


Halloween Costume Idea - Quick & Easy For Last Minute Dress Up

It's that time of the year again, everyone is troubled by the same question - what to be this Halloween?! Of course, some people have been planning their Halloween costumes since forth of July, but I always find myself put it off until the last minute. #procrastination Fear not, I got the perfect last-minute Halloween costume here for you. It's scary, easy, quick, doesn't cost much and easy to DIY - you may find most of the things in your house already!

Billy The Puppet From Saw

Billy The Puppet From Saw

This year I'm inspired by the classic Billy The Puppet from Saw and created TWO different styles from this character. (If you are not familiar with Billy The Puppet, he is a creepy doll that delivers creepy recorded messages to the victims ) The first one is the realistic version - look just like Billy came to life! The second one is the glamorous version - creepy still but added a little bit of sexy.


Billy The Puppet - Realistic Version

To look like Billy The Puppet, here is a list of things you’ll need:

1. Oversized Black Suit and White Shirt

2. Red Bow Tie

3. Red Shoes

4. White Face Paint

5. Black Eyeshadow

6. Red Lipstick

7. Red Contact Lenses

I believe No.5 & 6 are easy to find at home. A pair of red shoes should not be a problem also. I found this pair on Asos which look exactly like the ones on Billy. They cost me $70 but I love how bright and shiny they look which gives the costume a really polished appearance. And for No.1 you can always raid your man's closet. All you need to find now are only two things - all easy to buy online. Red eyes are optional - some people may not be comfortable wearing contact lenses. I'm used to it because I wear clear lenses every day. (Please make sure to consult your doctor before purchasing any contact lenses.)

Disclaimer: Do not play with a knife at home - I'm only using a prop for a scray effect.

Billy The Puppet - Glamorous Version

If you are going to a glamorous Halloween party where often filled with all kinds of Harley Quinn and Daenerys, a sexy version of Billy The Puppet will definitely look creative and unique. I decided to wear a black lace bralette under the blazer with a pair of leather-effect leggings. Instead of my shiny red shoes, I chose black boots for a legs-for-days effect. As long as you keep the red bow-tie and makeup, you are no doubt Billy The Puppet.

Makeup Tips:

  • When working with white paint, it's best to go lightly first. Get a thin even layer on and wait for it to dry before adding another layer.

  • Wear some fake lashes to get a more dramatic eye look.

  • Add definition to your face using black eyeshadow.

  • Take your time and be patient.

Hope you enjoy my quick and easy Halloween costume ideas. And if you tried one of the two versions of Billy The Puppet, tag me on Instagram @cafecarrie. I would love to see your take on this costume.

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