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Designer Shoes And Their Dupes #4 Chloe Susanna Boots

Chloe Susanna Boots have been my favorite boot style for years. I think they are the most beautiful shoes that ever existed. They are elegant but edgy - the perfect mix of bohemian and rock-n-roll. They are treasured by many influencers and celebrities. They look good with skinny jeans, mom jeans, dresses, shorts, biker jacket, denim jacket, and almost anything.

BUT THEY ARE ALSO SO EXPENSIVE. Since the western boots are the most on trend this season, I found FIVE amazing dupes for Chloe Susanna Boots that looks just as good but much much affordable.

Designer Shoes And Their Dupes #3 Hermes Oran Sandal

Hermes Oran Sandals are the most versatile summer shoe style - they are sleek, effortless and also classic, luxurious! This is the style that you’ll find in every fashion addict's closet. They are not the most expensive designer shoes in the history but let's be honest, they are just sliders - not so different from flip-flops. I deeply love your style Hermes Oran Sandals, but my money has more important places to go. Good news is there are some pretty decent options on the market that offers the same style at reasonable prices. I also purchased one of the dupes and really enjoy them!

Designer Shoes And Their Dupes #1 Gucci Loafers

The original designer shoes I've chosen today are the famous Gucci Loafers. These shoes have been flying all over the internet for years now. I've been a fun of them for a very long time but haven't been able to convince myself to splurge on them. Especially since the Gucci price rise last year. I found five dupes for the Gucci Loafers that you can enjoy the style for a much better price.