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My 5 Workout Essentials

My 5 Workout Essentials


1. The Right Mind Set


For me, the most important thing during workout is focus. Especially when I'm in the gym where is always full of distractions. Sometimes it's hard not to compare myself to that super lean runner or that shredded trainer. I find it helpful to focus on my movements instead of other people.

I always remind myself that my goal is to be the best shape of myself. 


2. Cute outfits


A pair of comfortable trainer and some leggings and tops help me stay motivated. Get into training clothes is a ritual for me to get ready to work hard and sweat. 


3. Electronic accessories


No one can workout without music and wireless earphones are heaven sent for gym sessions. I chose AirPods because it's tiny and easy to carry around. From my experience, the AirPods don't drop even when I'm doing burpees. 

Apple Watch completely changed my fitness game. It tracks my heart rate and the calories I burned during workouts so I can understand my body more clearly. Now I learned that apparently training abs doesn't burn much calories and my heart rate stays up after I finish working out for about 20 minutes. It also gives me interesting challenges every month. For example, this month I need to going at least 137.5 miles and now I'm at 92.3 miles. 

4. Tasty drink


Stay hydrated is very important and I usually drink some BCAA during workouts. BCAA is a branched-chain amino acid that help hydrating the body and help enhance muscle protein recovery. More importantly, it's very tasty. I like to drink something sour and sweet when I'm sweaty to boost my energy. Sometimes iced leamon water works just fine. 

5. Hydrated Skin


I don't wear makeup during workouts because I like my skin to breath and sweat freely. But I always make sure I moisturize before and after I go to the gym. Especially my under-eye area and my lips. I like to use the Ultra Facial Moisturizer and Avocado eye cream by Kiehl's because they absorbs really fast and it's scent free. When it comes to lip balm I always go for drug store options like Burts Bees because I go through these like crazy. 

Save Money on Skin Care

Save Money on Skin Care