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Save Money on Skin Care

Save Money on Skin Care


Here are a few tips on how to I afford to enjoy luxury skincare products with a budget. Hope you can find something helpful! 

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1. Research before purchase


There are millions of products on the market these days and they all seem to work wonders. How do you sift through the sea of brands and functions to find the one product that can give your skin the help it needs? From my own experience, I usually notice a certain product from a blog post or a youtube video. Influencers' recommendations did draw my attention to a few products turns out to stick in my routine. After I found the product I have an interest in, I gather different opinions from different people with different skin types and preferences. Most of the time, I can get a lot of both positive and negative reviews from the internet and I weigh between the two to decide if the product is worth trying. For example, I wanted to try the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil which is praised by a lot of beauty gurus. I was hesitant because it's very expensive so I want to be certain before splurging the money. I found out the downside of the Luna oil is the smell which is also been mentioned by a lot of people that made them give up the product. For me, I'm very forgiving when it comes to smell so the benefit definitely outweighs the flaw. So I finally tried the Luna oil and LOVED it. By knowing the shortcomings beforehand help me to make the right decision and reduce the chance of feeling disappointed by finding out myself. 

2. Get the trial sizes first


Before committing to the full-size product, get the mini one first. Sometimes even after careful consideration, the product still let me down. Most of the times, it takes time for a product to work its magic or show its flaws. I once spent a small fortune on a full-size Shiseido sunscreen and turns out it doesn't sit well under my foundation and I rarely ever use it again. A trial size/travel size version gives the time for you to really get into the product without risking wasting money on something is going to sit on the top shelf after the first week of purchasing. Also, don't be shy to request samples which is also a very efficient way of discovering new products. 

3. Alternate between High-end and affordable products


I always use this trick on some of my expensive favorites to save money and to check if I really need it. Right now, I'm switching between Sk II Facial Treatment Essence and other affordable toners such as Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner. The Sk II toner is my favorite toner in the world but it's super expensive. I did the math and it's almost $2 per day if I use it twice a day. I can't convince my self to spend a good dollar every morning and night on toner. Instead, I use my Kiehl's($16/8.4oz) toner in the morning and SK II($229/7.8oz) in the night for a better absorption. And every time I finish a bottle of Sk II, I stop using it for a few months to see if I miss its benefits before I re-purchase another bottle. By alternating between products, it also gives my skin time to be off the "strong drug" and avoid being used to the effect and became resistant to certain products. It's like if I eat apple pie every day, I don't really enjoy it that much. But if I eat apple pie for the first time in three months, it feels like a party in my mouth.

4. Spend the money on products that can make a difference


For me, I categorize certain skin care steps as "important" and some as "makes no difference". For example, I only use drugstore brands micellar water to remove makeup such as Garnier and Simple. For my skin, makeup remover makes no difference at all if it's $5 or $50. Because I usually go in with a facial cleanser after micellar water. Makeup remover just needs to get the job done and other expensive ingredients are going to be washed off eventually. I also tend to save money on facial cream if I'm using an expensive face oil. I always keep it simple and as minimal products as possible. I don't think my skin can absorb a layer of oil and then another layer of rich cream. So I choose something hydrates and absorbs fast such as Ultra Facial Cream from Kiehl's. In my experience, spending money on toner, face oil, masks and cleanser make more difference for my skin. Of course, everyone is different, this is just how I feel but I do believe there are affordable products that work as well as high-end ones and there are expensive products worth every penny. 

5. Eat clean and exercise 


Definitely invest more in your health. The most important is what you put in your body and not that you put on it. It sounds cliche but it's true. The skin is the largest organ and reflects all the body's problems. My skin always has a break down after holidays and travels which I usually let my hair down and eat everything comes my way. When this happens, nothing I put on my skin works until I start eating normally. Therefore, spend money on quality food before on skin care. Exercise, on the other hand, can also make a huge contribution to a glowing skin. Working out helps your blood circulation and sweats help detox your body. Trust me, you don't need any blush or highlighter after a good workout. 


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